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Hello, we are Jenny & Lukas, the makers of the camping app. We have personally read over 100.000 user comments and know what campers in Europe want.

We campers are as different as our vehicles. That's why it is important to us to offer a comprehensive directory of sites that meet the individual needs and wants. Our goal is simple: to help every camper find their perfect camping spot!

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Campsite full, closed or ugh! Where are we going to stay tonight?

Bought an old motorhome, set off, completely overwhelmed by the search for where to spend the night. We almost gave up on the whole thing, because it was the opposite to a relaxing getaway. We wanted a simple way to find sites, but everything was somehow totally impractical, all the books, maps or apps that existed back in 2014. But then we thought: “Let’s just create something better!".


Less time spent searching = more time spent camping!

We help you to find the right place for you and your camper, no matter what you are traveling with and where you want to go. So you have more time to enjoy.

It's all about balance: We don't like to stay in cramped, overpriced or unattractive places. But we also don't want to be a burden to people and nature, so we take a close look at what we include in the app. We particularly like working with partners who offer small private parking spaces, e.g. at wineries, on farms or simply on a beautiful private plot of land.

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Discover the most beautiful places now!

Download the app for free and find the most beautiful places near you & all over Europe.

As a decision-making aid, you will find many ratings, photos and descriptions of almost 1 million campers from all over Europe in the app. Send us your recommendations and become part of the camping app community!

Ready to camp?

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